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抹茶紅豆冰皮月餅 Matcha Red Bean Snowy Mooncake

更新日期:2月 16


糯米粉 30克

粘米粉 20克

低筋麵粉 8克

澄麵粉 5克

糖 25克

牛奶 125毫升

菜油 1½湯匙

煉奶 1½湯匙

抹茶粉 3克

太白粉 1/4碗(或已炒熟糯米粉)

紅豆餡 200克(每個約25克)

  1. 把糯米粉,粘米粉,低筋麵粉,澄麵粉及糖分別置於大碗中拌勻

  2. 加入牛奶,菜油及煉奶拌勻,倒入器皿中,大火蒸約20-25分鐘

  3. 蒸熟後,倒出稍為放涼,加入抹茶粉拌...勻備用

  4. 把皮分成8份,搓成小圓球備用

  5. 包入紅豆餡料

  6. 輕輕拍上太白粉或已炒熟的糯米粉

  7. 放入模具中印製已成

Ingredients (50g cake mold, for 8 pieces)

30g Glutinous Rice Flour

20g Sticky Rice Flour

8g Low-Gluten Flour

5g Non-Glutinous Flour

25g Sugar

125ml Milk

1½ tbsp Vegetable Oil

1½ tbsp Condensed Milk

3g Matcha Powder

1/4 bowl Potato Starch(Or Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour)

200g Red Bean Paste Fillings (about 25g each)

  1. Mix glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, low-gluten flour, non-glutinous flour and sugar well in a large bowl

  2. Add milk, vegetable oil and condensed milk, mix well, put them into the container, steam for about 20-25 minutes with high heat

  3. After steaming, pour out and set aside until it turns cool, add the matcha powder and mix well

  4. Divide the pastry into 8 portions, set aside

  5. Wrap each pastry with red bean filling

  6. Apply some potato starch/ cooked glutinous rice flour

  7. Place it into the cake mold and push it out to create a shape, now it’s done

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