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勝瓜豆腐魚湯 Fish Soup with Angled Luffa and Tofu


勝瓜 1條

紅三魚 3條

薑 2片

豆腐 1盒

水 適量

鹽 適量

  1. 將勝瓜凸出來的部份刨走、再用滾刀切

  2. 將紅三魚洗淨後,並打鱗和刮好裡面的東西

  3. 切兩片薑

  4. 先預熱鍋,並用白鑊炒勝瓜和煎魚,再將勝瓜先撈起

  5. 約五六分鐘後,可以放熱水到鍋裡

  6. 放薑,並蓋上蓋子,煮約十至十五分鐘

  7. 把豆腐切成一口的大小

  8. 再將勝瓜和豆腐放進煲裡

  9. 加適量的水 (能夠覆蓋所有食材)

  10. 再次蓋上蓋子,先用大火把它煮至滾起,再用中火煲三十分鐘

  11. 放適量的鹽


1 Angled Luffa

3 Golden Thread Fish

2 pcs Ginger

1 box Tofu

Pinch Water

Pinch Salt

  1. Remove the protruding part of the angled luffa and do the rolling cut

  2. Wash the fish, scale it and scrape away anything inside

  3. Prepare two thin pieces of ginger

  4. Preheat the frying pot first, then put in the angled luffa and fish and fry them. Fry the fish until both sides are golden yellow. Take out the angled luffa and leave it for later use

  5. After about five or six minutes, you can add hot water into the pot

  6. Put in the ginger and cover it for about ten to fifteen minutes

  7. Cut the tofu into bite size

  8. Put the angled luffa and tofu into the pot

  9. Add the right amount of water to cover all ingredients in the pot

  10. Put on the lid again, first boil it with high heat, then simmer for 30 minutes with medium heat

  11. Add appropriate amount of salt

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