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紅棗螺頭排骨湯 Red Jujube Conch Pork Ribs Soup

更新日期:2月 16


紅棗 5粒(去核)

螺頭 2個

排骨 250克

杞子 20克

甘筍 300克

清水 1500毫升

鹽 1/4茶匙

  1. 先將紅棗、杞子洗乾淨備用

  2. 將螺頭放入熱水浸約20分鐘,然後清潔去內臟再切片

  3. 甘筍洗乾淨後刨皮切件

  4. 將排骨清洗後汆水約3-4分鐘,然後用清水洗乾淨備用

  5. 煲滾1500毫升水後,放入排骨、甘筍、螺頭片和紅棗後蓋蓋煮滾,之後轉細火煮70分鐘

  6. 再落杞子煲5分鐘,最後落鹽便成


5 Red Jujube (Coreless)

2 Conch

250g Ribs

20g Wolfberries

300g Carrots

1500ml Water

1/4 tsp Salt

  1. Wash the red jujube and wolfberries before use

  2. Soak the conch in hot water for about 20 minutes, then clean off the internal organs and slice

  3. After the carrots have been cleaned, peel them and cut them into pieces

  4. Rinse the ribs with water for about 3-4 minutes, then wash them with water and set aside

  5. After boiled 1500 ml of water, add pork ribs, carrots, conch slices and red jujube to the lid and cook, then turn to low heat for 70 minutes

  6. Put the wolfberry in the pot for another 5 minutes, and finally add salt into the pot

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無花果雪梨椰子煲豬𦟌湯 Fig, Pears, Coconut and Pork Soup

材料 無花果 4粒 雪梨 2個 椰子 1/2個 豬𦟌 200克 南北杏 30克 清水 800毫升 鹽 1/4茶匙 做法 先將豬𦟌汆水後洗乾淨備用 之後洗乾淨雪梨後切件去核 接著將椰子、無花果和南北杏洗乾淨 將800毫升清水煲滾,放入所有材料後蓋蓋,滾起後轉中火煲1小時 最後落鹽便成 Ingredients 4 Figs 2 Pears 1/2 Coconut 200g Pork Belly 3

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