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年糕 Chinese New Year Cake (Sweet Sticky Rice)



片糖 600克

水 600毫升

糯米粉 450克

澄粉 150克

油 4湯匙

去核紅棗 1粒

  1. 先將片糖用水浸15分鐘後蒸至溶化

  2. 然後將糯米粉和澄粉加入油搓勻

  3. 當片糖水降溫至70℃後,分3至4次加入粉團搓勻

  4. 之後過濾,再分成2盆(1斤裝)

  5. 先用中火蒸10分鐘,放上去核紅棗後再用大火蒸30分鐘後完成


600g Brown Sugar (in Bar)

600 ml Water

450g Glutinous Rice Flour

150g Wheat Starch

4 tbsp Oil

1 pc Red Date

  1. Soak the brown sugar in water, steam until dissolved

  2. In another large bowl, add in glutinous rice flour, wheat flour and oil, mix well

  3. When the sugar/water cools down to 70℃, add in the flour mixture in step 2. Combine well

  4. Drain through a fine sieve, separate the mixture into 2 moulds

  5. Place in a wok and steam over medium heat for 10mins, then place the red date in the centre and steam over heat heat for 30mins. Done

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