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牛蒡甘筍合掌瓜花生湯 Burdock, Carrot, Chayote and Peanut Soup


材料 (4人份量)

牛蒡 50克

甘筍 150克

合掌瓜 250克

花生 80克

南北杏 20克

水 6碗

鹽 1/2茶匙

  1. 先把花生,南北杏,牛蒡,甘筍,合掌瓜清洗乾淨

  2. 牛蒡,甘筍,合掌瓜去皮切件備用 (處理合掌瓜時可以戴上手套,可避免因合掌瓜黏液做成的黏手感)

  3. 煲滾水後,將所有材料下鍋,蓋上蓋煲滾後,猛火煲20分鐘,再轉中火再煲1小時

  4. 落鹽調味,完成

Ingredients (4 Servings)

50g Burdock

150g Carrot

250g Chayote

80g Peanut

20g Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kernel

6 bowls Water

1/2 tsp Salt

  1. Wash peanuts, bitter and sweet apricot kernel, burdock, carrot, and chayote

  2. Peel Burdock, carrot, and chayote (When handling the chayote, you may wear gloves to avoid the sticky feeling made by the palm juice)

  3. Boil the water, put all the ingredients in the pan, cover the lid and simmer for 20 minutes, then turn to medium heat for another hour

  4. Seasoning with salt, complete

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