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無花果雪梨椰子煲豬𦟌湯 Fig, Pears, Coconut and Pork Soup


無花果 4粒

雪梨 2個

椰子 1/2個

豬𦟌 200克

南北杏 30克

清水 800毫升

鹽 1/4茶匙

  1. 先將豬𦟌汆水後洗乾淨備用

  2. 之後洗乾淨雪梨後切件去核

  3. 接著將椰子、無花果和南北杏洗乾淨

  4. 將800毫升清水煲滾,放入所有材料後蓋蓋,滾起後轉中火煲1小時

  5. 最後落鹽便成


4 Figs

2 Pears

1/2 Coconut

200g Pork Belly

30g Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kermel

800ml Water

1/4 tap Salt

  1. Wash the pork belly in water before use

  2. After washing pears, cut into pieces and remove the seeds

  3. Wash the coconut, figs and sweet and bitter apricots kermel

  4. Boil 800ml water, put all the materials in the lid and cover, then turn to medium heat for 1 hour

  5. Add salt with personal flavour

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