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香煎番薯餅 Pan-fried Sweet Potato Cake



番薯 600克(黃、紫各300克)

糯米粉 200克

粘米粉 30克

油 1湯匙

  1. 先將黃、紫番薯洗乾淨,然後削皮切片

  2. 之後將黃、紫番薯分開盛起後放入蒸爐蒸約15-20分鐘至熟

  3. 取出後先稍微壓爛成番薯蓉,之後趁熱在每碗番薯蓉分別加入100克的糯米粉和15克的粘米粉拌勻,搓揉成為粉糰

  4. 之後再搓成條狀,然後切成幾份(可隨喜好切大切小)

  5. 在手中搓成圓球,然後輕輕用手壓扁約1厘米厚

  6. 在鑊中落油,然後用慢火煎,一邊煎時一邊輕力壓扁至扁圓形,兩邊煎至金黃便可


600g Sweet Potatoes (300g each of yellow and purple)

200g Glutinous Rice Flour

30g Rice Flour

1 tbsp Oil

  1. Wash the yellow and purple sweet potatoes first, then peel and slice them

  2. Then separate the yellow and purple sweet potatoes and put them into a steamer for about 15-20 minutes until cooked

  3. After taking it out, squeeze it into sweet potato paste. Then add 100 grams of glutinous rice flour and 15 grams of rice flour to each bowl of sweet potato paste while mixing

  4. Then rub into strips and cut into several portions (can be cut into large and small pieces as you like)

  5. Roll into a ball in your hand, and then gently squeeze it with your hands to a thickness of about 1cm

  6. Put oil in the pan, then fry over low heat. While frying, lightly squash to a flat circle, and fry on both sides until golden

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