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南棗龍眼黑豆茶 South Jujube Longan Black Bean Tea



南棗 約4粒

黑豆約 40克

龍眼肉 10克

水 適量

  1. 把南棗,龍眼肉和黑豆洗淨,備用

  2. 黑豆,用白鑊(不加油)炒香,慢火燒熱鑊,將黑豆落鑊,用慢火慢慢炒,直至黑豆皮微微裂開,立即盛起,放涼備用 把南棗、龍眼肉和黑豆放在煲底/炆焗杯,加入滾水,蓋上杯蓋焗30分鐘,完成


4 capsules South Jujube

40g Black Beans

10g Longan Meat

Some Water

  1. Wash the south jujube, longan meat and black beans and put aside

  2. Black beans, stir-fry with wok (without oil), heat over low heat, simmer black beans, slowly fry over slow heat until the black bean skin is slightly cracked, immediately rise, and cool for later use

  3. Put wouth jujube, longan and black beans in the bottom of the clay pot, add boiling water, cover with the lid and simmer for 30 minutes

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