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路飛手繪蛋糕 Cake with Cartoon Luffy Edible Image Topper



蛋白 60克

糖粉(過篩) 60克

菜油 20克

室溫牛油 60克

低筋麵粉(過篩) 65克



牛奶 55克

菜油 55克

低筋麵粉(過篩) 65克

蛋黃 5個

蛋白 5個

砂糖 60克

忌廉 適量

  1. 先製作顏色麵糊,把牛油放室溫兩至三小時至軟化,加入菜油及糖粉,手動拌勻

  2. 把蛋白加入麵糊1內,並手動拌勻

  3. 最後,把低筋麵粉加入2的麵糊內,手動拌勻

  4. 因應畫圖需要,加入適量食用色素,調至各種所需顏色,放進唧袋內備用

  5. 預備焗盤,放上牛油紙,可提前打印好圖案(圖案須左右倒轉),以托印形式在上面畫,或直接利用色素在牛油紙上繪畫

  6. 把畫好的麵糊放進雪櫃內,冷藏十五分鐘至圖案凝固

  7. 製作蛋糕,把牛奶和菜油混合後,加入低筋麵拌勻

  8. 把蛋黃拌勻後,倒入麵糊7內。用刮刀手動拌勻

  9. 預熱焗爐150-160度

  10. 利用電動打蛋器將蛋白打約三十秒至起泡,分三次加入砂糖用中速打至軟忌廉狀,把蛋白垂直拉起時,在打蛋器前端能看得見呈雞冠尾,尖狀即成

  11. 取出一小部份蛋白,加入蛋黃麵糊內,手動拌勻

  12. 再全盤倒回蛋白麵糊中,利用切拌法,慢慢地上下翻拌均勻

  13. 焗盤舖上牛油紙,把剛才已拌勻的蛋白蛋黃麵糊輕輕倒進

  14. 用刮刀掃平麵糊表面後輕拍盤底溢出大氣泡

  15. 放入焗爐中層,以150-160度焗約十三至十五分鐘

  16. 取出後,馬上撕開牛油紙,放涼備用

  17. 把蛋糕的四邊切掉,再把蛋糕切開一半,分成低層和有圖案的上層

  18. 在低層的蛋糕塗上忌廉,抹平

  19. 鋪上上層蛋糕,完成

Ingredients for edible food paint

60g Egg White

60g Powdered Sugar(Sifted)

20g Vegetable Oil

60g Room Temperature Butter

65g Low-Gluten Flour(Sifted)

Pinch Edible Pigment

Ingredients for cake

55g Milk

55g Vegetable Oil

65g Low-gluten Flour(Sifted)

5 Egg Yolks

5 Egg Whites

60g Sugar

Pinch Cream

  1. First to make a color batter, put the butter at room temperature for two to three hours until soften, add vegetable oil and powdered sugar, and mix well by hand. Split the batter into half

  2. Add the egg white to the batter 1 and mix well by hand

  3. Then add the low-gluten flour to the batter 2 and mix well by hand

  4. As to draw the Luffy picture, add an appropriate amount of edible pigment to the desired colours, put them into the pipping bag respectively and set aside

  5. Prepare and line the tray with a butter paper, print the image in advance (the image must be reversed left and right), draw the picture on the butter paper with the rubbing technique or directly draw on it with edible pigment

  6. Put the drawing in the refrigerator and chill for 15 minutes until it freezes

  7. Now do the cake, first mix the milk and vegetable oil, then add the low-gluten flour and mix well

  8. After mixing the egg yolks, pour them into the batter (prepared in step 7). Mix well with a spatula

  9. Preheat the oven at 150-160 degrees

  10. Use an electric egg beater to beat the egg whites for about 30 seconds to foam. Add the sugar three times separately to the form with a medium speed, until it turns soft and became white egg batter. When the batter is able to pulled up vertically, you can see the shape like a cockscomb at the front end of the eggbeater, then it’s done

  11. Take out a small amount of the egg white batter and add to the egg yolk batter (prepared in step 8) and mix well by hand

  12. Add all the mixtures into egg white batter with a spatula, slowly mixing it up and down , and evenly

  13. Line the tray with a butter paper and gently spread the batter you just mixed

  14. Use a spatula to sweep the surface of the batter and pat the bottom of the tray gently to flow over the bubbles

  15. Place the tray in the middle layer of the oven at about 150-160 degrees for about 13 to 15 minutes

  16. After taking the tray out, immediately tear off the butter paper and let it cool

  17. Cut off the sides of the cake, cut the cake in half, and divide it into a lower layer and a upper layer with Luffy picture

  18. Apply cream to the lower layer of cake and smooth it

  19. Lay the upper layer to the cake and finish

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