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龍蝦 1隻

蕃茄 1-2個

洋蔥 半個

牛油 少許

雞湯 少許

意大利米 隨個人喜好 (建議1人份量為3-4安士米)

  1. 先用滾水把龍蝦𤆥熟,再冰震起肉

  2. 牛油起鑊,先炒香蕃茄粒及洋蔥粒,再加入米略炒,再加雞湯(可加水調味)

  3. 慢火煮至半熟後,再加湯再煮。(留意煮至糊狀後,要不停攪拌,否則很容易燶)

  4. 收水後加入已𤆥熟龍蝦,再擒蓋煮5-6分鐘即成


1 Lobster

1-2 Tomatoes

Half Onion

Pinch Butter

Pinch Chicken Both

Pinch Risotto (Recommend 3-4 oz for 1 person)

  1. Cook the lobster in a pot of boiling water. Remove from heat and put the lobster meat into a pot of ice

  2. Heat a pan with butter, stir-fry the chopped tomatoes and onion. Add the risotto and then chicken both (dilute to taste by adding water to the broth)

  3. Using small heat to cook the rice until halfway cooked, then add more chicken both. (Remember to keep mixing the rice to prevent burn)

  4. Stir and until the broth is mostly absorbed, add back the lobster, put on the lid and cook for 5 to 6 mins and ready to serve

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