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黑糖馬拉糕 Brown Sugar Cantonese Sponge Cake



麵粉 230克

泡打粉 20克

黑糖 230克

雞蛋 6隻

牛油溶液 70克

油 70克

水 130亳升

  1. 麵粉泡打粉過濾

  2. 先混合黑糖,再分2次加入雞蛋

  3. 再加入水拌勻

  4. 最後拌入牛油,油搓勻

  5. 先用油掃摸具,放上牛油紙,倒入麵漿,放入滾水蒸30分鐘,便成


230g Flour

20g Baking Powder

230g Brown Sugar

6 Eggs

70g Melted butter

70g Oil

130ml Water

  1. Filter flour and baking powder

  2. Mix brown sugar first, then add eggs twice

  3. Add water and mix well

  4. Finally add butter and mix well

  5. Sweep the mould with oil, put the butter paper, pour the dough, and put it into boiling water to steam for 30 minutes

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