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黑松露碎蛋沙律法包 Black Truffle and Egg Mayo Baguette


黑松露醬 適量

沙律醬 適量

雞蛋 4隻

法包 1條

  1. 把雞蛋烚8分鐘後把撈起沖水冷卻

  2. 把法包切成片狀

  3. 將蛋閘碎,分三個方向閘三次, 再加入沙律醬

  4. 把蛋沙律塗在法包上

  5. 在上面放上黑露醬即可


Pinch Black Truffle Sauce

Pinch Mayonnaise

4 Eggs

1 Baguette

  1. Hard boil the eggs for 8 mins. Immediately put them under running water until completely cooled. Peel

  2. Slice the baguette

  3. Cut the eggs into small pieces, mix well with mayonnaise

  4. Spoon the egg salads onto baguette slice

  5. Top with some black truffle sauce and ready to serve

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