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養生四寶粥 Healthy Four-Treasure Porridge



水 350毫升

紅棗 3粒(大)

紅米 40克

百合 10克

蓮子 10克

紅豆 30克

  1. 用水清洗材料

  2. 紅棗去核

  3. 將材料放入攪拌機,加350毫升水

  4. 攪拌後,煲約1分鐘,煮溶後,轉中火煮15分鐘

  5. 煮時加冰糖調味

  6. 適量加水調稀杰度


350 ml Water

3 pcs Red Dates(Large)

40g Red Rice

10g Lily Bulbs

10g Lotus Seed

30g Red Bean

  1. Rinse the ingredients with water

  2. Remove the seed of red dates

  3. Put all the ingredients into the blender and add 350ml water

  4. Boil the mixture for 1 mins. Then use medium heat and cook for 15 mins

  5. Season to taste by some crystal sugar

  6. Add some water if mixture is too thick

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