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雪耳響螺肋排湯 Pork Rib Soup with Conch and White Fungus



響螺 500克

雪耳 30克

肋排 400克

蜜棗 3粒

甘荀 450克

水 6碗

鹽 少許

  1. 雪耳用水浸透發開(約10分鐘),洗淨

  2. 蜜棗略洗

  3. 把響螺和肋排洗淨後汆水,撈起沖洗乾淨

  4. 把甘荀去皮,切塊

  5. 煲滾適量清水,放入材料,用慢火煲約三小時,調味,飲用


500g Conch

30g White fungus

400g Pork rib

3pc Candied dates

450g Carrot

6 cups Water

Pinch Salt

  1. Soak the white fungus in water for 10 mins until it expands and becomes soft. Then rinse it several times

  2. Rinse the candied dates

  3. Rinse the conch and pork rib, put them into hot boiling water for a while. Remove and rinse again

  4. Peel and chop the carrots

  5. Bring 6 cups of water to boil, put in all ingredients, boil over slow heat for 3 hours. Add salt to taste. Serve and enjoy

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