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雞蛋糕 Egg Cake



麵粉 240克

雞蛋 6隻

糖 200克

牛油 60克(已溶)

  1. 將蛋和糖打勻

  2. 麵粉過篩,加入蛋和糖搓勻直至沒有糖粒,再加入牛油溶液搓勻

  3. 杯子擦上油,將粉漿倒入杯中

  4. 放入蒸爐蒸20分鐘,完成


240g Flour

6 Eggs

200g Sugar

60g Melted Butter

  1. Mix the egg and sugar

  2. Sift the flour, add the egg and sugar, and mix until there is no sugar granule. Add the melted butter and mix well

  3. Rub the cup and pour the ingredient into the cup

  4. Put in a steamer and steam for 20 minutes

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