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雙重芝士雞蛋法包 Double Cheese and Egg French Bread


短法包 1個

牛油 20克

車打芝士 1塊

水牛芝士 1塊

雞蛋 1隻

  1. 先切開法包上蓋,取出中間麵包

  2. 用小匙羹壓平中間

  3. 放入牛油、水牛芝士、車打芝士

  4. 再用小匙羹輕輕壓平,倒入雞蛋

  5. 將焗爐預熱180℃焗約6分鐘便成


1 pc Short French Bread

20g Butter

1 pc Cheddar Cheese

1 pc Mozarella Cheese

1 Egg

  1. Cut the lid of the French bread and remove the inside part

  2. Suppress the middle with a small spoon

  3. Add butter, cheddar and mozzarella

  4. Gently flatten with a small spoon and pour the eggs

  5. Preheat the oven at 180°C for 6 minutes

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