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越南牛肉湯河 Vietnamese Pho



糖 2茶匙

牛肉 半碗

河粉 1碗

魚露 2湯匙

青檸 適量

金不換 適量

芽菜仔 適量

紅辣椒仔 適量

  1. 滾水放魚露,糖,河粉,牛肉,滾起後熄火

  2. 食前放芽菜,金不換,青檸,辣椒便成


2 tsp Sugar

1/2 bowl Beef Sirloin, Finely Sliced

1 bowl Pho Noodles

2 tbsp Fish Sauce

Pinch Limes

Pinch Thai Basil

Pinch Trimmed Bean Sprouts

Pinch Red Chilis

  1. Bring a pot of water to boil. Then add fish sauce, sugar, pho noodles and beef until boils again. Remove from heat

  2. Garnish with bean sprouts, thai basil, lime and red chili. Ready to serve

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