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西多士 French Toast


方包 2塊

花生醬 2湯匙

雞蛋 2隻

油 150毫升

牛油 2片

糖漿 適量

  1. 先將雞蛋打發備用

  2. 將方包去邊,然後一塊塗上花生醬,再用另一塊蓋上

  3. 之後將方包沾上雞蛋液

  4. 油滾後可以放入方包,接着轉中火煎至每邊金黃色

  5. 最後放上牛油和糖漿便成


2 Sandwich bread

2 tbsp Peanut butter

2 Eggs

150 ml Oil

2 pcs Butter

Pinch Syrup

  1. Using a whisk to mix the eggs

  2. Remove the sides of sandwich bread, then put the peanut butter onto one side and cover it with another piece of bread

  3. Then wrap the bread with the eggs

  4. After the oil is boiled, put in the bread, then turn it to medium heat to fry until the colour turns golden

  5. Finally add butter and syrup onto and serve

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