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蛋包飯 Omelet Rice


雞蛋 4隻

白飯 2碗

海鮮 適量

洋蔥 1/4個

蒜頭 兩瓣

茄汁 2湯匙

鹽 少許

黑胡椒 少許

  1. 燒熱平底鍋下油,將蒜蓉、洋蔥炒香

  2. 再放海鮮炒,加入少許黑椒和鹽調味

  3. 然後加入白飯炒一炒,落雞蛋炒勻,再加入茄汁,盛起備用

  4. 燒熱平底鍋下油,倒入拌勻的蛋汁

  5. 雞蛋凝固後放飯,將蛋皮翻起,完成


4 Eggs

2 bowl Rice

Pinch Seafood

1/4 Onion

2 cloves Garlic

2 tbsp Ketchup

Pinch Salt

Pinch Black Pepper

  1. Heat the pan with oil, bring some garlic and chopped onion until smell comes out

  2. Put the seafood into the pan, season with salt and black pepper to taste

  3. Then add rice and eggs into the pan, mix well. Add ketchup and mix well. Remove from heat and set aside

  4. Heat the pan with oil, pour in egg mixture and make a crepe-like then round egg sheet

  5. When the egg half way cooked, pour in the fried rice and, cover with egg sheet to form an oval shape. Ready to serve

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