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葡式蛋撻 Portuguese egg tarts



糖 20克

蛋黃 2隻

酥皮 1片

鮮奶 50毫升

淡忌廉 100毫升

牛油液體 少量

  1. 先在模具掃上牛油,將酥皮切成模具大小,後修邊,再用叉按小孔

  2. 開火煮勻鮮奶,淡忌廉,糖,待凍

  3. 加入雞蛋液

  4. 將蛋液過篩

  5. 倒入模具

  6. 放進焗爐210度,焗15分鐘,即可


20g Sugar

2 Egg Yolks

50 ml Milk

1 slices Puff Pastry

100 ml Whipping Cream

Pinch Clarified Butter

  1. Grease the muffin tin with clarified butter, cut the pastry sheet into pieces based on the size of muffin tin, press the puff pastry into the muffin tin and trim off the excess pastry, use the fork to poke holes

  2. Cook the milk with whipping cream and sugar. Remove from heat and put it aside to cool

  3. Beat the egg yolks well then gradually add into the cooled milk until mix well

  4. Sift the mixture

  5. Spoon in the mixture to muffin tin

  6. Bake it at 210℃ for 15 minutes and ready to serve

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