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臘味煲仔飯 Claypot rice with Cantonese preserved sausage


油 少量

米 1杯 (約2碗飯)

臘腸 一條

膶腸 一條

熱水 1抔

小棠菜 少量

  1. 洗米,並去除多餘水量

  2. 將米及熱水放進砂窩,不用蓋上,用中火煮至水份差不多消失

  3. 用熱水沖洗臘腸,膶腸,待水份差不多消失後,放進砂窩,蓋上,轉細火

  4. 將砂窩東,南,西,北,正中位置,分別各煮3分鐘,更易形成飯焦

  5. 亦可於最後那3分鐘加入已煮過30秒嘅小棠菜,避免蔬菜過生或太熟

  6. 最後熄火後,圍著蓋邊加上少量油,焗2分鐘,令飯焦更脆更香


糖 1湯匙

熱水 2湯匙

生抽 3湯匙

老抽 1/2湯匙

  1. 先將熱水加入砂糖,搞溶後變成糖水

  2. 再加入生抽,老抽便成



1 cup Rice (around 2 bowls of rice)

1 cup Hot water

1pc Chinese sausage

1pc Duck liver sausage

Pinch Vegetable (Shanghai pakchoi)

Pinch Cooking oil

  1. Rinse the rice and remove excessive water

  2. Put the rice and hot water into the claypot, boil with medium heat until water absorbed

  3. Clean the sausages with hot water, put them into the pot when the rice absorb most of the water. Cover the lid and cook with small heat

  4. Place the vegetable (cooked for 30 second in a pot of hot boiling water) into the pot

  5. Move the claypot and let its middle and four corners to cook for 3 minutes each for getting crispy burnt rice on the bottom of the pot

  6. Remove from heat, pour some cooking oil around the pot edge to allow burnt rice to be more crispy

Ingredients For Sweet Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Sugar

2 tbsp Hot water

3 tbsp Light soy sauce

1/2 tbsp Dark soy sauce

Steps For Sweet Soy Sauce
  1. Dissolve sugar with hot water

  2. Pour in light soy sauce and dark soy sauce

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