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紅棗黑棗薑母茶 Ginger Tea With Red & Black Dates

材料 (2人份量)

去核紅棗 8粒

去核黑棗 8粒

老薑 50克

黑糖 40克

熱水 600毫升

  1. 將去核紅棗、去核黑棗和薑清洗乾淨

  2. 將去核紅棗、去核黑棗、薑和黑糖放進攪拌機後加入熱水

  3. 攪拌約15秒,隔去渣後即可飲用

Ingredients (2 Servings)

8 pcs Jujubes (Red Dates), pitted

8 pcs Black Dates, pitted

50g Old Ginger Root

40g Brown Sugar

600 ml Hot Water

  1. Prepare pitted jujubes, black dates and ginger. Rinse in water

  2. Place the jujubes, black dates, ginger and brown sugar into a blender. Add in hot water

  3. Blend for 15 seconds. Strain into a clean jug and serve hot

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