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番薯糖水 Sweet Potato Soup



番薯 400克

薑片 3片

片糖 50克 (黃糖亦可)

清水 800毫升

  1. 先將番薯去皮、切件,然後用清水浸一浸避免變黑

  2. 之後將番薯、薑片和清水放入煲內,先用大火煲滾,再轉中火煲約20分鐘,見番薯變軟後便可加入片糖煮溶,熄火便成


400g Sweet Potato

3 Slice Ginger

50g Brown Slab Sugar (Yellow Sugar also OK)

800ml Water

  1. Peel and cut the sweet potato first, then put into the water to avoid blackening

  2. Then put the sweet potato, ginger and clear water into the pot, first boil with high heat, then turn to the medium heat for about 20 minutes. After the sweet potato is softened, you can add the brown slab sugar to dissolve and turn the heat off

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