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拾穀米糊 Ten Grain Cereal


材料 (2人份量)

拾穀米 80克

水 600毫升

黑糖 40克

  1. 先將拾穀米浸水5小時

  2. 取出拾穀米放入攪拌機,加600毫升水,攪成糊狀

  3. 將米糊倒入鍋中,用慢火邊煮邊攪,約15分鐘後,加入黑糖煮溶即可

Ingredients (2 servings)

80g Ten Grain Rice

600 ml Water

40g Brown Sugar

  1. Soak the ten grain rice for 5 hours

  2. Place the ten grain rice into a blender, add 600ml of water to mix into a paste

  3. Add the cereal into the pot, bring to a boil with low heat, Stir well, after 15mins, add in brown sugar to cook until it’s fully dissolved

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